The Success from april 2006 with 250 very satisfied participants was followed up by THE SECOND INTERNATIONAL QUANTUM ENERGY MEDICINE SEMINAR May 5-6 2007 in Stockholm, Sweden. The seminar provided scientific information in biophysics, that is leading us to deeper understandings of life, disorder and disease.

Main lecturers

Dr rer.nat. Hartmut Muller, Germany, Institut fur Raum-Energie Forschnung

Researcher, physicist and philosopher exams from the University in Leningrad. In 2004 ha was granted the highest award of the Interacademic Union in Moscow – the Vernadski Medal first grade - for the discovery of Global Scaling.

He talked about his research in Gravitational theories and communication. Also report from more than 300 Russian research teams research results, that living cells understand electromagnetic signals. Revolution in Genetics, genetic information not contained in DNA. Findings from Russian scientists about global scaling time wave and quantum mechanics that have effects on our health. And more.........

Here a summary in Swedish of his excellent performence.

Lynne Mc Taggart, international bestseller author.

Lynne McTaggart is author of The Intention Experiment (Simon and Schuster, January 2007) and bestselling book The Field: The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe. She's best known as founder and editor (with her publisher husband Bryan Hubbard) of the UK and the US's leading publisher of newsletters and books on alternative health and spirituality, including the international newsletter What Doctors Don't Tell You.

The Field has been widely lauded by scientific and spiritual leaders thinkers alike as one of the most provoking books of its kind. “ A magnificent job of presenting the hard evidence for what spiritual masters have been telling us for centuries."  Laudatory plaudits have come from both the physics and the spiritual camps, and The Field has now been published in ten languages.

In her new book Lynne McTaggart has painstakingly sifted through all the science to find out about how intention works and how to use it. It offers some of the very latest scientific evidence about the power of your own thoughts and mind-blowing NEW evidence about the nature of reality. In her talk, Lynne will also show her audience how to ‘power up’ to do the best intentions and how you can carry out your own intention ‘experiments’ in your daily life....

Dr James Oschman, Ph.D. Nature´s Own Research Association, USA.

Last years very appreciated lecturer was back! Dr J. Oschman, PH D, is a pioneer in energy medicine, internationally accepted researcher, cell biologist, biophysicist and author. He is one of the few academic scientists who has explored the scientific basis for complementary and quantum medicine

His  talk was about Quantum and wave medicine: implications for health and longevity. Breakthroughs in medical research and biomedical instrumentation are producing remarkable results for a wide range of diseases and disorders. The inflammation theory of disease and the living matrix concept provide a plausible scientific basis for the variety of medical problems that are resolved through quantum and wave medicine..... 

Shorter presentations

Dr Anneli Tarpila, Finland, PhD in pharmacology,

She is biologist, classical homeopat and LIFE therapist, and has been working in pharma clinical research for twenty years with publications in gastroenterological area and nutrition.

Topic of the speaker: Can the dilemma to produce scientifically proven studies in energy medicine be solved? How can the principles of scientific clinical studies be implemented into energy medicine practice? Dr. Tarpila will speak about the current rules and regulations in clinical research and the possibilities to fulfil them in the area of energy medicine and some other alternative medicine areas......

Prof. Karl E. Arfors,

He is a, former research director of Pharmacia Uppsala, initiated research of free radicals and antioxidants into reperfusion and inflammation. He is a specialist in cellular microcirculation and inflammation. And he is also part of the Creapreneur Knowledge Network Bain Trust.

He gave us the latest information regarding vitamin D, as a multi factor hormone with influence on our genes.


About the Organizer

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